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I had the honor and pleasure of attending Tania Bartolini’s Business Basics Training Program. Her program was incredibly useful to me as I am a recent business owner who came from a teaching career. Tannia’s program gave me a clear, concise, implementable business plan that guided me on how to run the business side of my company. I now have an action plant to work from with an understanding of how all the necessary parts fit together. The best part of Tanis’s program is that she teaches that caring for yourself is a key component to growing your business! Tania also supports you in your grown that learning experiences every step of the way. I highly recommend Tania Bartolini’s program to all small business owners who want to understand and implement the steps they need to move forward.



Tania delivered a ton of information in an easy-to-understand manner. She kept sessions interactive and included lots of examples for different styles of businesses, both product and service based, making it easy to understand how the information applied to my business. She covered both the nitty gritty of business, and the mindset work needed to succeed as a business person. I’m so glad I said ‘yes’ to her course!


New Life Financial Alliance and Founder Crix

There is a way to help you get on the right track for your business. Being in business for yourself can be overwhelming, however I took Tania Bartolini’s Business Basic Seminar. It was informative, intense and provided a step-by-step process to help you focus on what to do next! Take a moment and speak with Tania and see how you can get yourself on track!



Diamonds & Estates

Tania is knowledgeable, very professional and a very warm friendly person...


Founder and Managing Member

Ria Balram Law Group

I highly recommend Tania’s Business Basics course for new business owners as well as those who, like myself, have been trying to progress without guidance.  As a solo firm owner, without any business background, it is difficult to know what steps to take to ensure that I am setting the foundation and systems for the making my business scalable.  Tania was knowledgeable and patient in answering questions, describing the process and introducing concepts that were completely new and applicable. I look forward to any additional content from Tania.



Really Flourish, LLC

Tania Bartolini draws on her education in the law and her 17 years of experience as both an attorney and a business woman to bring the rest of us up to speed on what running a business is really about. She does so with compassion, understanding, and her own special brand of humor so that even someone as challenged in the business basics as I am can feel comfortable realizing what is really involved in running a business. They say that most entrepreneurs want to share their love for their subject with others and often lack the business skills to do that effectively. Tania remedies that—and does so thoroughly and at warp speed. Let Tania catch you up on what it takes to run a business. You will be glad you did.



Alliance Business Solutions

Tania has the ability to take a client by the hand and create manageable steps towards achieving new levels of success. If you are a small to a mid-size business owner, you need Tania in your corner as your advocate and business advisor. I highly recommend Tania and give her my highest endorsement.



New Life Financial Alliance

Where do I begin to sing Tania's praises? Tania always gets the highest marks in my book, character, professionalism, caring, thoughtful and the list could go on and on! It's a pleasure to call her friend!


Preferred Funding Group

Great lady to speak with. Doesn't rush the conversation and really listens. Very professional!




Peter O'Hara Photography

Tania is an outstanding person who really cares about serving her clients!




I highly recommend Tania. She listens, cares and places your interests first. "



Founder and Managing Partner

Segacity Legal

Tania is knowledgeable and experienced while approachable and personable.

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