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"We can help you understand why you sometimes feel overwhelmed, and show you how to confidently gain control over your business."

Tania Bartolini is a successful, happily married CEO, COO, CFO, and business and real estate attorney with a Master’s degree in international business law. She has learned that the secret to her happiness did not come from anything she could purchase; it came from something money can’t buy. 

Several years ago, I was feeling overwhelmed running her law practice. She decided things needed to change for the better, so I sought advice and guidance from business coaches, conducted her own research, and educated herself about running a business.


As a result, I revamped my firm, turn it into a business with processes and procedures that could run without being there 24/7, and grew it 40 percent during COVID. I then merged and sold my firm, became the COO of another law firm, and started growing the firm and making it more of a business that can run on its own. 


Today, it is my specialty. I now helps other business owners focus on what is important in their businesses to be more successful.


At first, I thought that if I could achieve success in business, that would be a cure-all for everything I was missing in my life. However, what I discovered I was missing most was just being me again, in my own skin! In a way, it felt like I was being reintroduced to a dear old friend. I realized it’s okay, even healthy, to be true to my authentic self, and it doesn’t matter whether I’m wearing the hat of a wife to my loving husband of nearly two decades, a mom of two adorable children, attorney, business coach, or friend.


I know who I am, and I’m grateful to be me. I am finally secure in my business, and living my authentic life!

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